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- Do I need to have my own Indemnity Insurance to work as a locum?
Highly recommended.
- How much does it cost to register with BHR?
Nothing, it is free.
- A couple of days ago I saw a job advertised, but I cannot find it now, could you contact me?
No we cannot. If the advert is not there any longer, it is because the position is covered now.
- I cannot find any job in my location, what am I doing wrong?
Probably you are doing nothing wrong. Simply, there is not any employer that has advertised any job in your location.
- I am interested in one of the jobs advertised, what do I do?
Please contact us immediately to see if you are a suitable candidate and consequently arrange an interview with employer
- What happens if the Employer cancels a booking?
We try to give you as much notice as possible but this is sometimes out of our control and last minute cancellations may occur.
- What happens if I have to cancel a booking?
Although we understand that some circumstances outside of your control may dictate cancellations at any time we request that you give us notice of any cancellation in a timely manner with a full valid reason. Just changing your mind will not be acceptable at the time.
- How will I know if I am booked for a locum position?
You will always be notified verbally. This will be followed up with a written communication, either email or SMS or both depending on notice of booking.
- How much notice do I have to give BHR to cancel a booking?
At least 2 months if it is a block booking, but we strongly recommend that you do not confirm the booking until you are sure that you do not have any others plans.
- I was registered with BHR previously. Do I need to send the original documentation again?
Not all original documentation will be needed again only those that have expired. Your Consultant can advise you.
- How do I apply to work for BHR Locums ?
You can apply to work for BHR Locums by filling the registration form and send us the relevant information. You can also send your CV.
- Why consider locum work?
As a locum you decide where, when and for how long you work.
- To became a Locum?
Do you want to be a locum, but youíre not sure where to start, contact with our team to get best advice