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Whether you are seeking for locum cover o permanent position, we can help you. This is a service based around an extensive knowledge of the dental/pharmacy industry and the recruitment process, which is why we should be first choice for your recruitment needs.
British Health Recruitment covers the entire UK and our clients include big chains and small independents. We also are a preferred supplier for LLoyds pharmacy.
Search only the best talent, and only the best people
Our team is at the forefront in the placement whether it is for late nights, weekends or full over-night shifts.
Overseas Professionals
As part of our developing business, FARMAUK specialises in the search and selection of health professionals all across EU contries.
We target highly qualified professionals, who are orientated to develop their career in the UK.
Our methods of finding talented people are through University and Health Societies. Our consultants are frequent speakers at conferences and meetings across Europe.
We use our special knowledge and experience to play an active role in all aspects of the recruitment process. This is because in our company most of our consultants are currently working in the UK.
Our bases are in UK and Spain. This allow us to maintain and open and constant dialogue with our clients and candidates.
If you are interested in further information about EU dentists and pharmacists, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will inform you about the availability of our candidates